6 of the Best Film Photography Youtubers

6 of the Best Film Photography Youtubers

Youtube is one of the best resources we have as film photographers. With the knowledge base dwindling as experienced photographers retire, it can be difficult to get accurate film photography info. Here are some of our favourite youtubers who cover a variety of topics.

1. Grainydays

Grainydays is one of the biggest film photography youtubers around. He covers a large variety of topics, touching on many niche topics. He has a dry sarcastic sense of humour, making his videos entertaining as well as informative.

2. Simon's utak

A personal favourite of mine. Simon specialises in videos on vintage lenses. He covers lenses for all budgets and unearths some amazing hidden gems. Hes also a big fan of interesting lens bokeh, which we can of course appreciate ;)

3. Kyle McDougall

Kyle mcdougall is a canadian analog photographer. My favourite videos by him are his on location videos. He also does some great review videos such as this one on Lomography 100

4. Japan Vintage Camera

This is a great youtube channel that specialises in old camera reviews. Hes been creating review videos for 3 years now meaning he has hundreds of reviews which you can browse

5. Fix Old Cameras

A fantastic channel that I've used many times to repair my own cameras. Theyve been creating guides for over 10 years now covering all of the most popular cameras

6. Overexposed

Still quite a small youtuber, its only a matter of time before overexposed blows up. He covers a variety of interesting subjects such as this video below on Kodak Aerochrome and the war in the Congo
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