Pentax Offers a Sneak Peek of New Film Camera Prototype at Japan Exhibition

Pentax Film camera project prototype sneak peak

Ricoh Imaging Co., Ltd. is holding the PENTAX Film Project with Shiori Iwakura "It's time for film!" between Saturday, July 1st to Monday, July 31st, in Tokyo.

In Tokyo, a film camera prototype has been revealed for the first time since the launch of this project. It is said that neither the company's president nor the person in charge of public relations knew about exhibiting this until the exhibition launch day.


The first day of the event was attended by Mr. Noboru Akabane, the president and representative director of the company.

President Akabane says that there are many difficult problems to be solved in the progress of the project. Among them, the hurdles to procure parts are extremely high, and various problems have arisen, such as the fact that there are no companies that have manufactured parts in the past, and even if they do exist, they cannot make parts. However, by exhibiting the prototype, he was relieved that he was able to show that the project was progressing. He said that he would like to obtain the cooperation of former film camera developers, inherit the technology, and aim for the success of this project.

While this is only a sneak peak of Pentax's film project, we are extremely excited here at Bokeh to see how this progresses.

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