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(Expired March 2024) Kodak Portra 400 | 120 Film | Single Roll

(Expired March 2024) Kodak Portra 400 | 120 Film | Single Roll

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Portra 400 Great for High Speed Daylight Shooting!

**This film expired March 2024, it has been kept in a cool dry environment so it will still produce excellent results**

Portra 400 120 is a versatile, high-speed daylight film that delivers stunning, true-to-life colours and skin tones with lower contrast. Portra 400 film has a fine-grain structure and high-edge sharpness thanks to its T-grain emulsion technology, which also makes it ideal for scanning.

This product listing is 1 x 120 medium format roll of film

Portra 400's Key Benefits

  • Faithful colour reproduction and lower contrast. Portra 400 is perfect for capturing skin tones and producing natural-looking images
  • Fine grain structure and high edge sharpness, preserving even the smallest details in your shots
  • T-grain emulsion technology allows for easy scanning, producing high-quality digital files for editing and printing
  • Portra 400 is ideal for fast action outdoor shoots, weddings, and nature photography, providing the speed and flexibility needed to capture the perfect shot
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