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Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Mint Green

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Mint Green

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Capture life's fleeting moments in the vibrant hues of the Fujifilm INSTAX mini 12 instant camera

A delightful blend of playfulness, creativity, and colour. Available in eye-catching shades – Mint Green and Lilac Purple – this pocket-sized companion is ready to immortalise your precious memories in instant gratification.

Effortless Selfies and Close-up Capture

Capture the essence of yourself and your loved ones with the perfectly positioned selfie mirror, ensuring flawless self-portraits every time. And for those intricate details that demand closer inspection, activate Close-up mode, adjusting the viewfinder to match the lens for precise framing.

Auto-magic Exposure and Flash Control

Say goodbye to complex settings and embrace the simplicity of the INSTAX mini 12. Automatic exposure and flash control seamlessly adapt to varying lighting conditions, ensuring your shots are consistently well-lit, whether you're capturing sunny outdoor scenes or intimate indoor moments.

Instant Prints Emerge in Just 5 Seconds

After capturing that perfect moment, watch as your mini print magically emerges from the camera, ready to be cherished and shared. In just 5 seconds, your memories will be immortalised in a tangible form, a physical reminder of the joy and spontaneity captured with your INSTAX mini 12.

Elevate Your Photography Journey and Embrace the Joy of Capturing Life's Moments

With its playful design, user-friendly features, and vibrant colours, the INSTAX mini 12 is more than just an instant camera; it's an invitation to rediscover the joy of capturing life's fleeting moments and cherishing them forever. So, grab your INSTAX mini 12 and embark on a journey of photographic creativity, filling your life with vibrant memories that will last a lifetime.

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