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Harman Phoenix | 200 ISO | 36 | 35mm Film

Harman Phoenix | 200 ISO | 36 | 35mm Film

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Try out the New Limited Edition 35mm Film by Harman.

The Worlds Newest Colour Film!

HARMAN Phoenix 200 is a quirky, experimental colour negative film with high contrast, strong visible grain, and plenty of ‘analogue’ character.

  • Medium speed ISO 200
  • High contrast and strong grain
  • C41 processing
  • Available as a DX coded 35mm 36exp film

The first ever colour film made entirely from emulsion to cassette at Harman's factory! 

With a DX coded cassette and a box speed of ISO 200, Harman Phoenix can be rated between ISO 100 and 400 but performs best in good, consistent light. On brighter days or when shooting into the light there is also a possibility of halation.

This is Harmans 1st step into the world of colour.


Unique to HARMAN PHOTO, this experimental film was designed and created by Harman's R&D team in Mobberley.


Sales from this film will allow Harman to improve their formulations, coating capabilities and colour technology.


Harman's aim is that each new colour film they produce will be an improvement on the previous.


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Customer Reviews

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Ella C.
My new favourite film to use :)

I bought 2 rolls of harman phoenix after it was newly released and its soo cool. it is something different to shoot rather than kodak gold and ultramax