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Ilford HP5 Plus | B&W 35mm Film

Ilford HP5 Plus | B&W 35mm Film

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Ilford HP5 Plus is a Black and White Best Seller!

Ilford HP5 Plus 35mm film is a highly versatile and popular black-and-white film that's perfect for a wide range of photographic applications. This iconic 35mm film has a beautiful grain structure that adds a vintage look to your photos, and it's beloved by film enthusiasts and professionals alike.

With a high-speed rating of ISO 400, Ilford HP5 Plus is an excellent choice for low-light situations and action photography. This 35mm film produces deep, rich tones and sharp images with excellent contrast, making it a favourite among photographers who want to capture stunning and timeless images.

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HP5 Plus Key Benefits:

  • Hp5 Plus has fine grain for sharp and detailed images
  • This film has great sharpness and contrast
  • Has wide tonal range for beautiful, nuanced results
  • Hp5 Plus is ideal for both bright and low-light environments, making it a versatile option for any photographer
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