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Kentmere Pan 100 | 120 Film

Kentmere Pan 100 | 120 Film

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An ideal film for budget conscious photographers.

Kentmere Pan 100 (medium format) is a medium-speed, black-and-white film renowned for its fine grain, excellent sharpness, broad tonal range, and pleasing contrast, making it ideal for both darkroom printing and scanning. With an ISO 100 rating, it is versatile for various subjects in good lighting conditions, suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings with controlled lighting. Its attributes, drawn from ILFORD stocks like FP4, and its affordable price point and forgiving exposure latitude, make it perfect for newcomers, returning film photographers, students, and budget-conscious users.

Manufactured by HARMAN technology, the Kentmere range follows the same high-quality processes as ILFORD PHOTO films and papers. Kentmere Pan 100 is panchromatically sensitized and can be processed in various developers using spiral tanks, deep tanks, and automatic processors. Compared to Kentmere PAN 400, it offers a slower speed, finer grain, and slightly higher contrast.

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