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Kodak Ektar H35N | Striped Silver | 35mm Half Frame Film Camera

Kodak Ektar H35N | Striped Silver | 35mm Half Frame Film Camera

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Kodak Ektar H35N | Striped Silver | 35mm Half Frame Film Camera

After the huge success of the KODAK EKTAR H35 half-frame launch, Kodak have created a new and advanced version – the KODAK EKTAR H35N Half Frame Film Camera!

Including a built-in star filter, bulb function with a tripod hole, and an improved coated partial glass lens, the KODAK EKTAR H35N possesses three new highlights that are rarely found on other reusable film cameras. 

Further improvements have been made as well to improve the reliability of the camera, with a reworked film advance and rewind system introduced to increase the lifetime of the camera.



KODAK EKTAR H35N is a great tool to tell a story through two consecutive frames. So how to compose the picture? The possibilities are infinite and only depend on your imagination. Try and explore, be creative!


There are various ways to pair the frames. For instance, you can take a close-up and a wide shot of the same environment, or film the same subject at two different times, to name but a few.


Hold your camera in a normal horizontal orientation to get portraits instead of landscape photos.


The H35N Camera features a coated, improved optic lens. One element of acrylic lens is replaced by glass lens which helps to improve the sharpness of the images.


With the bulb shutter and a cable release, you can control the duration of shooting and capture the trail of moving objects. Long exposure function is usually applied at night. We have also added a tripod hole at the bottom of the camera. For best results, use a tripod to keep your camera steady while using the bulb function.

*Cable release and tripod are not included with the product


The filter is used to create a four-beam flare on light spots. It is commonly used in shooting night illuminations, reflections on water surfaces, and scenes with tiny light sources.


We are excited to reveal these two series which features a shiny steel finish at the body front. One series combines the CD-like metallic surface with vivid colors of blue, orange and pink, giving a playful vibe. While another series is stripe patterned. It delivers a low-key lavish feeling with three options of black, silver and green. Having two distinct looks and several colors to pick from, the KODAK EKTAR H35N turns into a perfect chic accessory in the room.


You can have twice as many images per roll. For example, a film roll with 36 exposures can yield around 72 half-frame photos - doubled!


The pocket-size camera is light and tiny, and hence convenient for you to bring along daily. Since its instructions are simple, it is suitable for all analog hobbyists.


Turn on the flash by adjusting the silver ring around the lens so that you can use KODAK EKTAR H35N days and nights, outdoor and indoor.

ATTENTION - Use films in ISO100/200 under bright sunlight; and ISO400 or above for sunny or cloudy days.

This affordable half-frame camera is easy to use, takes 35mm film, and gives you 72 exposures. You can use any 35mm film, colour or black and white, just try to get an analog film with an ISO range from 200 to 400 for the best results. When you finished the roll, just manually rewind the film, and send your film to a lab to have it developed.


  • Lens: 22mm f/8 (coated 2 elements, 1 glass lens).

  • Filter: Built-in Star Filter.

  • Film speed settings: ISO 100/200 or 400 is recommended.

  • Shutter: 1/100th sec + Bulb.

  • Film Winding: Manual.

  • Film type: 35mm film.

  • Half-frame means that a 36 exposure roll will give you 72 exposures.

  • Flash: Built-in.

  • Battery: 1x AAA.

  • Weight: 110g.

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