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Kodak M35 (Blue) | 35mm Film Camera

Kodak M35 (Blue) | 35mm Film Camera

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Kodak M35 is a beginner friendly replacement for a disposable camera!

Relive the nostalgic charm of film photography with the Kodak M35 35mm film camera, an affordable and stylish option for capturing everyday moments and creating lasting memories. This compact and user-friendly camera delivers high-quality images with its built-in flash, ensuring clear, well-lit photos in any lighting condition, making it ideal for outdoor adventures, summer holidays, and festivals.

Kodak M35 Key Benefits:

    • Vintage-inspired design: Capture stunning photos with a retro aesthetic that evokes the golden age of film photography.

    • Compact and lightweight: Easily carry the Kodak M35 wherever you go, fitting effortlessly into your bag or pocket.

    • Built-in flash for clear, well-lit photos: Conquer any lighting challenge with the built-in flash that ensures consistently bright images.

    • Simple point-and-shoot operation: Even beginners can capture stunning photos without hassle. Simply load the film, wind it, and start snapping.

    • Reusable and eco-friendly design: Reduce waste and protect the environment by reusing the camera instead of relying on disposable options.

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Brought this to Electric Picnic, was perfect