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Kodak Pro Image 100 | 36 | 35mm Film | Single Roll

Kodak Pro Image 100 | 36 | 35mm Film | Single Roll

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Kodak Professional Image 100: Take your Photo like a Pro

Kodak Pro Image 100 is a professional-grade 35mm colour film. Equipped with fine grain and vibrant colours, Pro Image does exceptionally at capturing a wide range of settings with outstanding clarity and depth, making it an excellent film for backpackers and travellers.

It was introduced in 1997 and is well-known for its physical stability: Pro Image 100 can withstand far higher temperatures and humidity than the typical colour film!

You can shoot 36 exposures with this roll.

Perfect for portraits, travelling and nature photography.

Kodak Pro Image's Key Benefits:

  • High physical stability, the emulsion is resistant to high heat and humidity
  • Fine grain for sharp, detailed images
  • Enjoy vibrant colours that bring your photos to life
  • Wide exposure latitude for shooting in a variety of lighting conditions
  • Excellent skin tone reproduction for portraits

*Rolls of Kodak Pro Image 100 film are delivered in film canisters only

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for portraits

I shoot a lot of portrait photography and this is by far the best value. With portra 400 so expensive this has become my main film