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Kodak Ultra F9 (Yellow) | 35mm Film Camera

Kodak Ultra F9 (Yellow) | 35mm Film Camera

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A Great 35mm Film Camera For All Occasions!

Meet the Kodak Ultra F9 - the ultimate reusable 35mm/135 Film camera that brings a touch of class and nostalgia to your photography experience.

Available in two classy colours, Kodak Yellow and Dark Night Green, this camera features a fixed focus lens, manual wind/rewind, and a switchable on/off flash, making it the perfect choice for beginners in film photography.

Kodak Ultra F9 is also equipped with a built-in flash for well-lit photos in any lighting condition, and can handle both ISO 200 and 400 film, giving you more creative freedom and control over your shots.

With its simple design and ease of use, all you need to do is load the camera and wind the film, and you're ready to capture your favourite moments.
Whether you're traveling the world, partying with friends, or going to festivals, this camera is the perfect companion for capturing memories on the go.

Included with the Kodak F9, is a Kodak branded wrist strap and card with QR Code link to the downloadable instruction manual provide added convenience and security, ensuring that you always have everything you need to take stunning photos.

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