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Lomography Babylon Kino 13 | B&W 35mm Film

Lomography Babylon Kino 13 | B&W 35mm Film

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Embrace the Nuances of Life's Moments with Lomography Babylon Kino 13 Black and White Film

Dive into a realm of soft, alluring grey tones with the Lomography Babylon Kino 13 black and white cine film. This unique film, boasting an ISO 13 rating, unveils the subtle nuances of light and shadow, rendering images that exude tenderness and depth. 

A Symphony of Soft Tonal Nuances

The Lomography Babylon Kino 13 boasts a wide exposure latitude, ensuring that your images maintain their delicate tonal range even in challenging lighting conditions. From the softest highlights to the deepest shadows, this film captures the full spectrum of grey tones with remarkable precision.

Transform Your Photography into a Tapestry of Emotive Moments

With its unique blend of low light sensitivity, fine grain, and delicate tonal transitions, the Lomography Babylon Kino 13 elevates your black and white photography to a new level of emotional depth and expressiveness. Whether you're capturing intimate moments, documenting everyday life, or exploring the creative boundaries of still life photography, this film empowers you to transform fleeting moments into timeless masterpieces.

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